Building of "the addition"

 vol. 2



As of 12/29/03, all 3 exterior walls were finished, the insulation was in, and the floor was laid.


We even had a door


Sean and Ken stayed up late into the night to finish putting down the floor and putting up the vapor barrier (that clear plastic on the walls).  At my age, it's hard to stay up as late as these young college kids. 


Those are some awful nice windows!


I still think we should be able to open that patio door.


Now, on 12/29/04, all we have to do is knock out that wall.


"Now if we could just get that wiring out of the 2x4..."


Here Curt is coming to kill me.  I just took a picture of him with a rather humorous look on his face.  I've spared him the embarrassment of putting it up here...

at least so far...


A man and his sawz-all.  Is there anything more beautiful?


Curt is admiring the carpeting.


Thank you Kevin and family!


Just two days after knocking out that wall, Crazy Ed's New Year's Bash began.  Talk about under the wire!


I think Ed would be proud.  Especially of the knives.