Ben Hacker Music Video for Stay



Ryan, the director



Early on shooting the video.  This is the coffee shop scene.  On the left is Nikki (sp?), Ben's "video girlfriend."  On the right is Ryan.



Kelly, Ben's Girlfriend starring in the video as someone at the coffee shop doing a little reading.



Doing a little shooting on the street.




Nikki is trying out my recording pack.



The opening scene where Ben walks into a park, sits down, and starts playing.



The bridge is cool.



Overlooking a lake.



We got some neat shots just as the sun was setting.



This was a random shot I took that night afterward, which I really liked.



Eating some lunch at Bill's Pizza or something like that.  Good stuff.



"Now if only we had an airplane..."



Just a random picture of a bench at a pizza joint.



Shooting in Emily and Lauren's apt.



Thanks for letting us use your bed, Emily!



This guy wanted to be in the video, but since we couldn't do that we said we'd take his picture.