Texas Photo Album

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This is the view of Jess and Carol's BALCONY, looking slightly to the left.







This is also off the balcony, looking straight out.


Makes you sick, doesn't it. 






Here are Carol, Jess, and Gwen (left to right).


Carol is Jess's roomate.  Gwen is a friend who hangs out over here a lot.


 Jess and Carol have just gotten ready for our departure to Far West, a very "Texan" dance club.  Thursday, Feb 20.



Movie night on Saturday, Feb. 22.  We're watching The Muppets from Outer Space or something like that.


The two farthest away on the couch are Mary, Jess and Carol's suite-mate, and her boyfriend Mark.





Gwen coming over for movie night.








Jess cutting the cheese in Mary and Lindy's room.


She and Carol often make meals of nothing but cheese and crackers.






Lindy, Jess and Carol's other suite-mate.








Far West, the dance club we went to.


(Too dark to get a good shutter speed, so it's a little blurry )






Carol dancing with one of her friends Josh at Far West.









A genuine cowboy (a friend of Carol and Jess's) who was willing to pose for a picture.


This one we took specifically with Carissa in mind.








Jess and a bunch of her friends dancing.  She's the one in the white on the far-left.








Habenero's Grill, a Mexican joint that we at at on Saturday night (Feb. 22) before seeing Big Love, Trinity's theatre production.


This place was great.






Here we are eating at Habeneros.  Look at the size of that burrito!


(Left to right) Jess, Ellen, and Lia.  They were fun.






The church that Jess and I went to on Sunday morning (Feb. 23).



It was very cool.  Big too.  Max Lucado is the paster-dude here.  Guess he's pretty famous!  He gave a great sermon.




Sunday afternoon Jess, Carol, Gwen, and I went to Guadalupe State Park, about 35 or 40 miles from campus.  It was quite beautiful.


Just down that hill and to the left is where we set up our picnic.





This was taken during my and Carol's hike along the river.


It was all very pretty.







Another shot on the river.










I'm about to slip into the river here.  The ground is all clay.








Carol is trying to ford this part of the river where the trail  goes underwater.



"This is really gross.  I feel like I'm stepping on a big, slimy, beast."

            -Carol Arnold




That's a BIG tree!

Carol looks tiny!









Here we are at our picnic spot by the river.


We went to town and got some hamburger supplies, and grilled burgers down by the river for dinner that night.  We didn't leave until 10 pm.







Curt, this one's for you.  The girls wanted to study while we were at the river, so they needed light.  That's a mic stand holding the lantern, and some bungee cords attached to the fuel can for counterweight.


No college students were burned in the making of this picture.